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Our Story:

The Highlands Senior Service Center is a private, nonprofit Organization designed to provide direct services and/or referral to outside services available to seniors that provide the necessary support for them to remain in their homes with dignity.

Highlands Senior Service Center provides meals for home-bound and mobile seniors in our community of Clearlake, California. We also provide programs focusing on senior nutrition, exercise, and socialization.

Mission Statement:

To be the hub for our service area and to complement existing services, fostering on-going community engagements, by providing programs and activities that support the independence and well-being of senior adults, age 60 and older.

Vision Statement:

Our goal is to maintain a congregate setting where Seniors, 60 & older, feel welcome, safe & comfortable; to provide a setting where socialization is encouraged; to provide home-bound seniors with a nutritional meal each day, and to offer other services & referrals as needed; to promote independence by reducing isolation, promoting better health through exercise programs, education on nutrition and provide outreach & information to all seniors and their families.

Our History of Service:

The Highlands Senior Service Center was incorporated in Clearlake, California, in 1980. For 39 years, HSSC Inc. has provided help to senior citizens in the community. Clearlake City Council Member and Highlands Senior Service Center Executive Director Joyce Overton said that from information assistance, to food programs like Meals on Wheels, “Highlands has made its purpose to allow senior citizens in our community to age in place, to enjoy their waning years in the comfort of their own homes, to ensure that they have access to a healthy meal, information vital to their survival, access to exercise programs and education opportunities, and a safe environment to meet and interact with their peer group — just a small example of the services we provide.”

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