Drop by and enjoy a gourmet meal, or one of our fine activities:

FIRST THURSDAY of each month: Birthday Luncheon

FIRST FRIDAY of each month: USDA commodities distribution; all over 65 welcome, please bring a picture ID

Tai-Chi, Quigong and Tai-Chi for arthritis, taught by Paul Samberg. His website is here: http://www.taichiforhealthylongevity.org/

Low impact aerobic exercise

Piano Lessons

Nordic Walking Group


Quilting Group

Art Group

Hicap Insurance Counseling (call for appt: 800-434-0222)

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer activities include (but are not limited to) Meals on Wheels drivers, dining room and kitchen assistance, IT and website, office and garden help, etc.

And lots more:

Hssc 2019 Mardi-Gras
Hssc 2019 Mardi-Gras Fundraiser
Highlands Margarita Day
Highlands Margarita Day
congregant one
Congregant One
HSSC 2018 Benefit Dinner Dance
2018 Benefit Dinner & Dance